Apartment Hunting 101 eBook

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Apartment Hunting 101 eBook

Micha’ela Monique
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Are you planning to move into your own apartment, but don't know where to begin? Apartment Hunting 101 will provide the information YOU need to take your next big step into adulthood with tips for budgeting, saving money, and preparing for your new home.

Why Did I Create this?

5 years ago in 2016, I was a 19 year old community college student living with my parents. I didn't have the luxury of going off to college but I desperately wanted to move out on my own. The problem was, I had no money, was working a fast food job, and noaction plan to pull this off. After learning I stood in the way of my success.. I began my journey by committing to the process of unlearning bad money habits, changing my environment, and creating a new norm.

From there, I spent countless HOURS reading books, and doing research but there wasn't a how-to guide in the world.. (yet)

Within one year of working a new job, I managed to save 5 figures, achieve a 750+ credit score, and sign the lease to my first luxury apartment.

2 years later in 2019, I started teaching these exact strategies to young adults who are wanting to become financially independent and responsible and just need a BLUEPRINT.

You'll benefit from this if:

- You have no idea how to get from where you are to where you want to be

- You want to be more disciplined with money

- You're craving independence

- Your goals include building Good-Excellent Credit

- You want to improve your quality of life

- You have never rented an apartment before with your own income

- You have a stream, or multiple streams of income but little-to-no experience managing monthly expenses

- You are a post College-grad who wants to move to their own apartment after living on campus

What's inside?:

- How to calculate monthly expenses prior to signing a lease

- Apartment Renting Do's & Don'ts to avoid eviction

- Tips to build credit quickly & effectively

- How to find the apartment of your dream within budget

- Workbook pages to take action as soon as you finish reading!

What people have to say:

"I was just looking at places not even knowing what to look into...(I) literally followed everything from (this eBook) and got the best deal on an apartment. (This) made me more seriousv about saving and budgeting and how all that plays a key role into being about to be TRULY independent." - Nubine

"Your book is really helpful!" - Nina

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